Newman Hall is the Roman Catholic community at the University of California, Berkeley. We are a Eucharistic community, striving to make the promise and challenge of the Gospel and the Catholic tradition a tangible reality in our own lives and the lives of the university community, the residents of our parish, and those drawn to us by the movement of God’s grace. For 101 years we have been served and guided by the Paulist Fathers and their mission of evangelization, reconciliation, and ecumenism & interfaith relations.

Newman Forum – Sunday, February 8

NEWMAN FORUM: HOT TALKS AND CONVERSATIONS resumes Sunday, February 8 after the 10:00 a.m. Mass, with a talk by Newman parishioner and Berkeley History professor, Tom Dandelet.  His topic is A Tale of Two Shoes: Francis I and the End of the Renaissance Papacy, Maybe.

Tom’s talk will focus on the Pope’s criticism of the curia and relationship with previous papal traditions, and explore what they could mean for the transformation of the life of the Church.  Forum is in the Hecker Room at 11:20 a.m.

Paulist Appeal – Weekend Masses January 31/February 1

ANNUAL PAULIST APPEAL Next week, we will be asking you to support our Annual Paulist Appeal. Our guest preacher will be Fr. George Fitzgerald, CSP, who was pastor here 1980-1986.

From our very beginnings, the Paulist Fathers have been “different.” The Paulist Fathers were founded in 1858 by Fr. Isaac Hecker and four other priests, each a convert to Catholicism. Father Hecker was an intellectual and idealist — a friend of Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson. He spent many years searching for a spiritual home before discovering it in the Catholic Church. Hecker firmly believed that America’s democratic ideals and respect for individual rights and freedom created the perfect atmosphere in which the Church could grow and thrive.

Pope Pius IX approved Hecker’s plan to establish a congregation of priests, and in the spring of 1858, Archbishop Hughes accepted Hecker and his confreres into the New York archdiocese, giving them a parish on 59th Street for their headquarters.

The Paulists were the first “native” Catholic community of priests founded in North America. Father Hecker’s vision was to establish the Catholic Church as a major influence in the lives and values of people throughout the continent. With boundless energy, Hecker traveled thousands of miles, crisscrossing the country to spread the Gospel to largely non-Catholic audiences. He died of leukemia in 1888, but the seeds he planted – a uniquely American, vibrant and optimistic missionary community of priests has grown into the Paulist Community that you are a part of today.

New Lector Training

Do  you  feel  called  to  be  a  lector,  who  proclaims  the  scriptures  at  Mass?     The  lector  brings  the  Word  of  God  to  life  for  the  gathered  assembly  –  a  prayerful   gift  of  ministry  to  the  Newman  community  that  we  share.    Our  next  twice-­‐ annual  Lector  Orientation  Workshop  will  be  held  on  Wednesdays  January  28   and  February  4  from  7:00  PM  to  9:15  PM  in  the  chapel.    Please  attend  both   evenings  to  become  a  regular  lector.    Whether  you  have  previous  lector experience,  or  are  just  assessing  your  calling,  you  are  welcome  and  will  find   the  workshop  useful.    We  welcome  new  lectors  at  all  Masses,  but  can   especially  use  more  lectors  Saturday  5:00  PM  mass,  but  lectors  at  all  Mass times  are  welcomed  and  needed.